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AER Vegetable Bags are made from Food Grade
Plastic which non-toxic, safe for direct food
contact and Recyclable, which helps retain
required moisture in the bags and the inner layer
is natural cotton which Soaks all excess water
present in the vegetables due to which the early
decay of vegetable bags are prevented.

AER Vegetable Bags started as an initiative for
women who wanted to work and become a house
earner under the name ‘Nishra’. We had started
various innovative utility products under this
initiative, Vegetable fridge Bags was one of them.

 This Innovative product was became one of themost selling products from our basket due to its utility in terms of saving costs, Reducing Wastageo f Vegetable & fruits and of course serving freshness to the users family.

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

50000 +
Bags Sold
100 +
Active Resellers
30 %
Wastage Reduction
100 +
Women Empowered
Helping underprivileged women and giving them earning opportunity has been our priority from day one and will always be.
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Experience Guaranteed freshness of your Fruits, Vegetables and sprouts for 12 days with 100% Natural Aér Vegetable Preservation bags.