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Get the opportunity to earn like never before – Just share our product, experience it and get your commission on weekly basis for the sales generated through you.

In the ZERO INVESTMENT MODEL – We will provide you a sales tracking link with discount code in your name and provide you all the required marketing material which you can use to promote on your social media, WhatsApp Chats, Society groups and Personal Circle. Whenever a person uses your Code they will be able to avail a 10% discount on the MRP from our website. Through the same Code we will be tracking the sales done through you.

Referral Earning per Month:

Upto 20 Units – 15% commission on Total sales

Upto 50 Units – 20% commission on Tatal Sales

Upto 75 Units – 25% commission on  Total Sales

Upto 100 Units – 30% commission on Total Sales

How It Works:

  1. Connect with us – through WhatsApp / Fill the referral Code enquiry form
  2. Get your Referral Link through us
  3. Get Marketing Materials from us
  4. Utilise the same on your Social Media and WhatsApp for Promotion
  5. Give Discount Code in your name in your circle and benefit them with a 10% discount
  6. Promote More & Earn More
  7. Get your Commission earned in your bank account on weekly basis
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